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You don't have to feel lethargic, uncomfortable, and cranky any more.

Amazing advances in technology now allow us to get all the benefits from green leafy vegetables juices. And the good news is that you don't even have to own a juicer or take time to prepare anything since AIM BarleyLife is all ready to use!

Just mix with water or your favorite juice and drink to get all the nutrients that your body needs to return to the fitness and health you once enjoyed.

Convenient, Economical, Trully Nutritious, Grown Wihtout chemicals

jus d'orge=vitamines, enzymes, acides amines, chlorophylle, antioxydants et plus pour une nutrition totaleAIM BarleyLife is a whole food concentrate that captures all the nutrients in green barley grass. The power of AIM BarleyLife is found in this combination of nutrients. The powdered juice of AIM BarleyLife is as close to the natural state of young green barley leaves as possible and thus supplies the leaves' nutrients in natural proportions.

The barley used for AIM BarleyLife is grown from a variety of seed that allows for the longest harvest window. The leaves are harvested with state-of-the-art equipment when their nutrients are most potent and alive. The leaves are then juiced (not milled, as in many other barley grass products) and processed using the most advanced and efficient cold-processing methods for maximum freshness and nutrition. The juice is spray-dried, using a special, low-temperature process. This preserves the delicate balance of nutrients and Phytochemicals.

What People Say About Barley Juice :

 "Barley green supplementation represents the epitome of the "Whole Food Concept" in nutrition, wherein the supplement is taken exactly as it has been designed by God and found in nature. This concept has proved to be superior in many studies, where vitamin  or mineral supplements failed to produce the expected beneficial effects and at times proved to produce detrimental effects. It also represents the epitome of the "Natural Design Concept" in nutrition, wherein the supplement is used as it was designed by God and found in nature. This does not mean that products such as tree barks, shark cartilege, bluegreen algae, and aloe do not have a helpful place in nutrition, but that they were not originally designed for human  consumption."

Dr Donald W Rumbaugh MD

"Concentrate from green barley leaves is effective as an antioxidant, free radical fighter, immune system stimulator and helps fight such devastating conditions as cancer, cardiovascular disorders, AIDS, inflammation, and other seriously debilitating  conditions. In this world of constant stress, nutrien-poor, look-good, feel-good diets, and fast food frenzy, green foods seem to fill the nutrient energy void and as Dr Hagiwara says, are "the ideal fast food" - with an antioxidant twist".

Anthony J. Cichoke, MA, DC, DACBN

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